This is one conference you don't want to miss!


Official GO! WRLC Program

Disney YES Program

GO Talk Presenters

Friday of WRLC will feature amazing speakers and entertainers throughout the day with GO Talks. Think TedTalks…DECAfied! Amazing speakers will share their insights and expertise in all areas of entrepreneurship, finance, hospitality, marketing, and management. There will be entertainers, thought leaders, industry experts, and motivational speakers.

Bob Burg

Best selling author of
The Go-Giver


Byron V. Garrett

Director at Microsoft and Best selling author of The ABC’s of Life


Jason Lucash

Shark Tank Winner and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year


Jeff Jordan

President & Executive Creative Producer, Rescue Social Change Group


Julie Carrier

Emmy Nominated TV Show Host and NBC Apprentice Semi-Finalist


Keynote Speakers

Opening Session: Kevin Wanzer

Kevin Wanzer is known for empowering audiences, one laugh at a time! A former writer for The David Letterman Show, he is also the youngest presidential appointee in American history. Kevin’s message will help DECA members ignite their hidden light by allowing them to reflect on their life and the lessons taught to us by children. Kevin reinforces the commitment of discovering hidden passions so members can #GODECA at WRLC!

Closing Session: John Beede

In his wickedly entertaining style, adventurer John Beede has been struck by lighting, attacked by a 5-foot iguana, swam with a whale shark, nearly fell 800 feet to his death, and once did the hokey-pokey in the eye of a hurricane. John’s recent climb to the summit of Mount Everest was featured on TV’s 60 Minutes and earned him the nickname, “The Climber Guy.” At WRLC he will show members how to climb on to your highest levels of peak performance and leadership.

Advisor Professional Development

WRLC will offer specialized Professional Development exclusive for DECA advisors. Advisors will learn strategies to integrate DECA into your curriculum through 21st Century Skills, have the opportunity to share best practices, and discover how to Bring the Classroom to Life! Sessions include:




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